***Frosty February***

Important Dates:

February 14- Valentines Party

February 16- NO SCHOOL

February 21- Boomer visits from the library

February 28- Adventuremobile at 2:45pm

Student of the Month:  Aarna C.

Show and Tell:

February 2- A Machine

February 9- Valentines item

February 16- NO SCHOOL

February 23- An Animal

Language Arts:

This month we are learning about the “qu” and “wh” sounds.  We are also going to be learning about “er”, “ir”, and “ur”.   This spelling list will be especially hard because it tests over all of them at the same time. Something that I have used in the past to help the students remember which letter combination to use is: 

 “Her name is Er.  Sir, the bird is in the dirt.  Don’t burn the fur.”

We will be working on double letters this month as well, in words like “middle” and “wiggle”.  We will also learn about the long vowel O, spelled “ow” and “oa”. 


We started doing our fast math last month, so this month we are going to continue improving our addition speed.  We are also going to be learning more about place value using place value cubes to represent the ones, tens, and hundreds place.  We will also continue working in our workbook. The goal is to finish book one by the end of the month and move on to book two.


We will start the month learning about Valentines Day and making crafts to celebrate the holiday.  We will also be using our writing skills to create “love letters”. 

We are going to spend the middle of the month to learn all about animals.  We will focus on pets, zoo animals, and farm animals.  We will also be learning about habitats and animal homes.

At the end of the month we will start our unit on Dr. Seuss.  This will be where we get a lot of practice with rhymes.  We will be reading a lot of Dr. Seuss books and even creating rhymes of our own. 

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