***March Madness***

Important Dates: 

March 5-9- Testing Week/Spirit Week

  Monday- Crazy Hair Day

              Tuesday- Pattern Day

              Wednesday- Blast from the Past Day

              Thursday- Camo Day

              Friday- PJ Day

March 14- Adventuremobile at 2:45pm

March 16- NO SCHOOL

March 19-20- NO SCHOOL (Spring Break)

March 22- Kansas Connections (Topeka Library) *Earth, Moon, Sun* 9-10am

March 28- Boomer Bear Visits 9:30am

March 30- Trike-A-Thon (Bring a riding toy AND helmet, labeled with the student’s name.)


March Themes:  Dr. Seuss, St. Patricks Day, Solar System, Easter


Student of the Month:  Maddox


Show and Tell: 

March 2- A Dr. Seuss Story

March 9- Free Choice

March 16- NO SCHOOL

March 23- something summer

March 30- Riding toy and helmet (labeled with students name)


Language Arts:  This month we are going to be reviewing the sounds and letters that we have learned this year.  The class will be using the skills that they have learned this year to read and write.  The class is really starting to enjoy writing and using their phonemic knowledge to sound out words.  Remember that inventive spelling is a good thing.  Having the students try spelling words on their own really shows their growth in being able to spell and write on their own.  Even if words aren’t spelled correctly, it’s a great development to be using their own skills to “sound out” words.


Math:  We have moved into our second math book.  We are going to continue working on our number skills.  The class is getting much faster at adding and using their skills.  We are continuing our fast math activities and playing math games to increase our math skills. 


Theme Activities:  We are going to be learning more about rhyming during our Dr. Seuss week.  We will be using those predictable text skills to read stories.  This is a fun week full of Dr. Seuss stories.

We are also going to be doing St. Patricks Day activities.  We are going to be doing a lot of green activities during the week leading to St. Patricks Day.

We are going to be learning about the solar system this month.  We will be learning the planets names and other information about the solar system.  This is also when we discuss what we see in the sky and what is around our Earth.  We will also be talking about maps this week and there will be a focus on addresses this month. 

We are ending the month with our Easter theme.  This is the same week that we do riding lessons leading to the trike-a-thon.  The students will be learning about how to ride their bikes safely. 

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