March Madness


  • March 5th – 9th: 3rd Quarter Testing
      • Monday: Crazy Hair Day
      • Tuesday: Pattern Day – wear all kinds of patterns
      • Wednesday: Blast from the Past – dress from any era
      • Thursday: Camo Day
      • Friday: Pajama Day
  • March 16th: NO SCHOOL  (Parent/Teacher Conferences) 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
  • March 19th – 20th: NO SCHOOL (Spring Break)
  • March 30th: St. Jude’s Trike-a-thon Event – more information to follow 

Student Of The Month : Ananya 


  • Dr. Seuss
  • St. Patty’s Day
  • 3rd Qtr Testing
  • Solar System
  • Trike – a – Thon / Easter 

Show & Share

  • 3/2: Favorite Dr.Seuss book
  • 3/9: Free choice
  • 3/15: Something green
  • 3/23: Space related 
  • 3/29: Easter related 

Language Arts :

  • Week 1: We are working on recognizing the letter Pp starting with the animated alphabet, worksheets include the children identifying upper and lower case Pp
  • Week 2: We are working on tracing and writing the letter Pp both upper and lower case.
  • Week 3: We will start a new letter, Qq the children will start with the animated alphabet the continue learning to identify the letter Qq as well. 
  • Week 4: We will trace and write the letter Qq both upper and lower case

Math :

  • We will be identifying and doing various activities that include the numbers 15 and 16 we will also be working with the color green and the shape diamond.

Classroom News : We will have two new friends joining the P1 classroom this month .! 



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Hello! My name is Coraleigh Stover. I have been working in the childcare field for a couple years and started with Kennedy Academy in August 2017 as an afternoon aid while I received my early childhood education certificate from Washburn Tech Institute. Once I received my certification, I took over the P1 Lead Teacher position. I look forward to working with each student and watching them grow!