March Madness

Important Dates: 

March 5-9- Testing Week/Spirit Week

  Monday- Crazy Hair Day

              Tuesday- Pattern Day

              Wednesday- Blast from the Past Day

              Thursday- Camo Day

              Friday- PJ Day

March 14- Adventuremobile at 2:45pm

March 16- NO SCHOOL

March 19-20- NO SCHOOL (Spring Break)

March 22- Kansas Connections (Topeka Library) *Earth, Moon, Sun* 9-10am

March 28- Boomer Bear Visits 9:30am

March 30- Trike-A-Thon (Bring a riding toy AND helmet, labeled with the student’s name.)

March Themes:  Dr. Seuss, St. Patricks Day, Solar System, Easter

Show and Tell: 

March 2- A Dr. Seuss Story

March 9- Free Choice

March 12- Ms. Laura is on vacation so you’ll have a substitute for this week. I have faith everything will go smoothly. 

March 16- NO SCHOOL

March 23- Spring related

March 30- Riding toy and helmet (labeled with students name)

Please DO NOT let your child bring any toys to school unless it is Show and Tell day. It is too hard to keep track of the toys. The only exception is a soft/stuffed toy for nap time. 

Language Arts:  We are working very hard getting the spelling words and tests down. It is a bit of a struggle for some but I expect them all to get it by the end of next month. I know it is tough but keep practicing with them. It is really showing in the test scores. We will also continue with our sight word work. I’m really proud how everyone is doing with them so far. 

Math: Every day we count by 10’s, 5’s and 2’s. We are getting there with the counting by 2’s but we have almost mastered the 5’s and have the 10’s. I’m super proud how far we have come in a few short months. We will also bounce back and forth between our Math books and worksheets depending on what are theme and expectations for the week. 

Theme Activities:  We are going to be learning more about rhyming during our Dr. Seuss week and a lot of art. This will be a fun week for us as we will be getting quite messy in E3! 

We are also going to be doing St. Patrick’s Day activities the 2nd week.Prepare for a lot of green projects and art to come home.

Our third week is all about the solar system. This is a short week so we w ll go over as much as we can in the short amount of time we have. I’m hoping to do some cool activities this week as well. 

We are ending the month with our Easter theme.The students will be learning about how to ride their bikes safely during our daily lessons on bike safety. 


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