***April Showers***

Important Dates:

April 4- Adventuremobile at 2:45pm

April 18- Adventuremobile at 2:45 pm

April 25- Boomer Visits 9:30 am

April 27- No School/Inservice Day


Show and Tell:

April 6- something “winter”

April 13- something “fall/spring”

April 20- a recycled item

April 27- NO SCHOOL


Language Arts:  This month we will continue working on spelling.  Please continue practicing their words at home.  We are also going to be working on our writing skills and our reading skills.  The students will be encouraged to practice their reading skills in a one on one setting during free choice time.  I want to help individuals on the skills that they need help with.  

Math:  I have seen after testing that the class really needs to work on clock skills.  So, we will be devoting more time to learning to read an analog clock.  You can help to encourage this skill by testing them at home to see if they can tell you the time.  We will also continue working on the other skills as well, such as adding, money, and number skills.

Science/Social Studies:  This month is our weather and seasons month.  We are going to be talking a lot about weather changes and what types of weather to expect during each season.  I noticed during testing that most of the class did not know what types of weather changes they would see in each season, so this lesson will help with that a lot. 

We are also doing our unit on the Earth and recycling this month.  The class will be learning about what they can do to help our environment.   They will also be learning what it means to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

We are finishing out the month with our plant lesson.  We have already started planting seeds to grow our own vegetables in our school garden.  We will watch them grow and change and observe how different plants grow.  We are also going to be learning what plants need to grow. 

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My name is Jessica Wilson. I have been working here at Kennedy Academy since 2006. I am the kindergarten teacher in the E4 classroom. I have my bachelors degree in elementary education from Emporia State University. I also have three children of my own. I enjoy teaching and find joy in seeing children grow and learn to their fullest potential.