Summer News

Upcoming Dates:

July 2nd – July 6th: NO SCHOOL (Summer Break)
July 9: Zoo Presentation
July 12: Metro Bus Presentation
July 13: Icecream Truck
July 16: Fred the Preparedness Dog
July 17-18: Boomer Bear
July 20: Icecream Truck
July 25: Bouncy House & Pizza Party
July 27: Icecream Truck
July 31: Taco Tuesday

SPLASH DAYS: Please remember to send your child’s bathing suit and a towel that is marked with their name every Monday. We will send them home on Friday to be washed. Each classroom will have designated days to play in the water, BUT in the summer we often combine, so we need all students to have their water stuff here during the week. Thank you!

SUNSCREEN: Please remember to send your child to school with an application of sunscreen on. We will reapply it after naptime. Thank you!

Important Reminders:
Breakfast count ends at exactly 7:15 am.

Lunch count ends at exactly 8:30 am.
Key cards must be used to enter the building.
Students must be signed in and out daily on their classroom forms.

We have a keyless entry system in place to provide a layer of protection for all students and staff. We ask that ALL parents or family members that pick up or drop off children have a key card available to use in order to reduce the number of times that a staff member has to open the door for people. There are multiple reasons for this:

1) Teachers cannot leave their students unattended even for a minute to run and open the door. This interrupts class time when they have to line up their students and go to the door to open it.

2) It becomes almost second nature to open the door to anyone that is knocking because we have to do it so frequently every day and never know anymore if it’s someone picking up or dropping off.
The level of caution is greatly reduced because of the frequency of knockers.  If we know that all parents/family members have key cards and there is no reason for people to knock on the door, then we are more cautious and aware that those knocking are visitors.

3) Other parents are so used to people not having key cards that they are just allowing others to walk in with them without knowing if they are or are not to be in the school.

4) It defeats the purpose of the system.

From this point forward, any family that knocks frequently, will be provided a card and have the $10 deposit charged to their account. The money will be due with the next tuition payment.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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