August 2018


Important Dates: 

July 30 – August 3:  Transition from Summer Program

August 3:  Closed for New Student Orientation

August 6 -10:  Placement Testing

August 17:  Parent’s Night

Show and Tell:

Aug 2 – free choice

Aug 9 – free choice

Aug 16 – good manner picture (picture showing a good manner being used)

Aug 23 – favorite book

Aug 30 – picture of student


  • Placement Testing
  • Rules and Manners
  • All About Me
  • My Human Body

Language Arts:

 We will begin building confidence in your child’s tracing and writing abilities for first and last names.  We will practice both tracing and copying letters of our names using both upper and lower case letters.  Each student will spend time learning letter sounds and letter recognition beginning with the letters of their name.  Rhyming words.


      Learning calendar terms such as yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Number recognition and counting 1 – 30.  Shapes.  Sorting by color and shape.


   Healthy and unhealthy foods.  Left and right.

Social Studies:

Circle time will be spent learning days of the week and months of the year.  

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About Ms. Marissa

Hello! My name is Marissa Valdez. I have been with Kennedy Academy since 2012. I have 14 years of experience in the early childhood field. I enjoy working with young children and look forward to teaching the students in the E2 classroom!