Important Dates:

  • 8/3- Closed (New Student Orientation)
  • 8/6-8/10- Placement Testing
  • 8/17- Parent Night

Student of the Month: Kyzik

Show & Tell: My show and tell is always free choice. Please remember whatever toy the students bring that it is appropriate for school. (no weapons)


  • 7/30-8/3- Transition from Summer Program
  • 8/6-8/10- Placement Testing
  • 8/13-8/17- Rules and Manners
  • 8/20-8/24- All About Me
  • 8/27-8/31- My Human Body

Language Arts

This year we are starting a new curriculum. We are super excited and will be sharing more on Parents Night. This month we will focus on getting to know each other, classroom rules and where things belong. I cant wait to start the new school year out with each of your children.


  • Week 1: Review
  • Week 2: Testing
  • Week 3: Review
  • Week 4: Review
  • Week 5: Review

Social Studies/ Science:  This month we will be talking about our classroom rules and learning all the fun things about each other as well as the classroom.