***Welcome to E4 in August***

Important Dates:

~ August 3rd
NO SCHOOL – New Student Orientation

~August 6th – 10th-
Placement Testing/Spirit Theme
Monday: Wear Your Favorite Color Day
Tuesday: Dress as your favorite sport or sports team
Wednesday: Dress Yourself Day
Thursday: Fun Hat Day
Friday: Bring your favorite stuffed animal/PJ Day

~August 17th-
Parent’s Night 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Student of the Month:  Raelynn

Welcome to E4:

I am excited to meet and get to know all of the new families.  It’s going to be a great school year.  The goal for the students this year is to be reading at least basic words/books.  They should be able to read at least 100 sight words and blend sounds together to make words.  They will also know basic math skills, such as addition, subtraction, telling time, and money. 

Language Arts:

We start off the school year with reviewing our letters and letter sounds.  We spend the first six weeks of school focusing on the basics.  The goal is to know all of the letters and most of the sounds by the end of the six weeks.  Having this as a foundation for the school year will really help when we start spelling and reading.  We are also going to be learning some basic sight words during this review.  We won’t be testing over sight words though until after we have finished with the review.


In August we are going to start off our school year by reviewing the numbers one through twenty.  We will be adding to our numbers as the year goes on.  We will also be doing many hands on activities to help with learning the basic math concepts.  The students will be playing math games and using manipulatives to reinforce their math skills. 


In August we start off the year learning about ourselves.  We are going to do an All About Me theme, where the students talk about their interests, looks, and family.  They will be sharing the information with their friends to get to know each other.  We will also be learning the rules of the classroom and learning how to get along with each other.  We will be learning about table manners and being polite as well.  We will also start our human body theme, where we learn about the parts of the body and what each part does.


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My name is Jessica Wilson. I have been working here at Kennedy Academy since 2006. I am the kindergarten teacher in the E4 classroom. I have my bachelors degree in elementary education from Emporia State University. I also have three children of my own. I enjoy teaching and find joy in seeing children grow and learn to their fullest potential.