***October News***

Important Dates:

October 4- Adventuremobile 2:45-3:15pm

October 8-11- Testing Week

Monday- Inside-out Day

Tuesday- Dress Like and Animal Day

Wednesday- Crazy Sock Day

Thursday- PJ Day

October 12- NO SCHOOL (P/T Conferences)

October 18- Adventuremobile 2:45-3:15pm

October 31- Halloween, Parade and Class Parties 3:00pm

Student of the Month:    Aiden C.

Show and Tell:

October 5- something related to community helpers

October 12- NO SCHOOL

October 19- a type of transportation

October 26- something scary

Language Arts:

     This months lessons include learning words that use the short vowel I, “ck” words, words that use short vowel O, and the “al” sound.  The spelling tests will reflect the weekly lessons.  The students will be learning to read, write and spell words in each of these categories.  Please continue studying the spelling words at home.  The homework will also help with the sight words that they are learning in class.  The more sight words they know, the better readers they will become.


We are continuing to work in our workbook, as well as playing math games to help increase their number skills.  They will be learning to recognize numbers as well as use them to count, add, and determine their placement on a number grid.  The further into the math curriculum we get, the more skills they will be developing.  They will be learning about money everyday as well, during calendar time.  You can help practice with money at home by asking which coin it is and how much it is worth. 

Science/Social Studies:

     This month starts with a lesson about community helpers.  The class will be talking about jobs.  They will be discussing the job that they might want when they grow up. They will also be learning about all the other jobs that are available.  They will be focusing on the jobs that are important to the community, such as firefighter, police officer, and doctor.  These are community helper jobs because they are helping the people in the community.  They will also be learning the difference between a good and a service.  Both of these are important to the community.

The class will also be learning about different types of transportation and communication this month.  They will be discussing the different ways of getting from here to there.  They will be learning about planes, trains, automobiles, and much more.  We will also be talking about communication through interviews, mobile devices, and through written word. 

     They will be doing many fun Halloween activities and crafts as well. This will be an exciting month for them, because they enjoy dressing up and getting candy.  We will have plenty of activities that will include the Halloween theme. 

     The month ends with a lesson on cultural diversity.  The class will be learning about differences in cultures and how we can not only recognize those differences, but also celebrate them. They will be learning to understand that differences are a good thing, because without differences it would be a boring world.  Differences bring new ideas and new friendships.  We focus on the acceptance of all cultures and types of people. 

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