***November News***

Important Dates:

November 1- Adventuremobile 2:45-3:15pm

November 15- Adventuremobile 2:45-3:15pm

November 21-Pizza Party

November 22-23- NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Break

Student of the Month: Frannie H.

Show and Tell Schedule:

November 2- Free Choice

November 9- A family picture

November 16- Something you are thankful for

November 23- NO SCHOOL

November 30- A Dinosaur

Language Arts:

  This months lessons are short vowel E, the “th” sound, and short vowel U.  These lessons are important because they are learning that when certain letters are next to each other that they make a different sound then when they are alone.  It is important that when you study the spelling words at home that you are reminding them that the “th” sound is made when the letters T and H are next to each other.  These letters no longer make their own sound, but make a new sound.  


We are continuing on in our math workbooks.  The students are gaining new math knowledge without even realizing it.  They are playing their math games and getting better at number skills. 

Science/Social Studies:

This month starts with our family unit.  We are going to be talking about the different types of families. We will be focusing on not just how families are different, but also how they are special.  Students will be learning about different types of households and how each one is great because they are filled with love.  No matter what, they are loved by their family, whether it is big or small. 

     We are also doing our thanksgiving unit this month.  We are going to be discussing the first thanksgiving and learning about the traditions that we follow in our own families. 

     The end of the month starts our unit on dinosaurs.  This is my favorite unit.  We talk about the different types of dinosaurs and what scientists think might have happened to them.  The students learn words like extinct and fossil and paleontologist.  This is a fun unit that will continue into December. 


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