January 1st- No School

Student of the Month: Thomas

Show and Tell: My show and tell is free choice. Please remember it needs to be appropriate for school (no weapons) and must be able to fit in their book bags.


*Happy New Year

*Fairy Tale/Folk Tale

*Black History Month



Language Arts:

  • Week 1: Review Letter Sounds
  • Week 2: Trace and write letter M
  • Week 3: Trace and write letter N
  • Week 4: Trace and write letter O
  • Week 5: Trace and write letter P

The students have really enjoyed Learning without tears and Squawker the bird.


  • Week 1: Number Number Matching and Group Review
  • Week 2:  Reading and writing numbers 11-20
  • Week 3: Counting  to 31/Reading and writing  numbers through 31
  • Week 4: Comparing numbers through 31/Numbers on a Calendar
  • Week 5: Reading and writing numbers 31-34

We will be working out identifying, tracing,writing and counting our numbers each week.

Science and Social Studies: This month we will learn about different folk tales/fairy tales and read different stories about them. We will also be learning about of lovely state of Kansas and Black History Month. I have a lot of fun activities planned for each subject!

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About Ms. Mary

Hello! My name is Mary Britain. I have been with Kennedy Academy since March 2016. I am the E1 Teacher. I have a lot of fun and exciting activities planned for the students this school year!