Joyful January

Important Dates: 

January 1:  No School (New Year’s Day)

Show and Tell:


January 3 – begins with P or E

January 10 – begins with Z or A

January 17 – begins with Y or H

January 24 – begins with V or M

January 31 – begins with W or T


Happy New Year, Fairy Tails / Folk Tales, Black History, Kansas, Kansas

Language Arts:

 Writing first and last names.  P, E, Z, A, Y, H, V, M, W and T letter writing and letter sounds.  ABC’s in Sign Language.  Nursery Rhymes.  Rhyming words.  Body parts in Spanish.  Spelling our names.  Parts of a book.  Author and locating title.  Food in Spanish.  


Number recognition 1 – 40.  Count 1 – 100.  Shapes – Pentagon, Hexagon, and Octagon.  Patterns.  Penny, Nickel, Dime and Quarter identify and know value.  Counting backwards from 10.  Count 1 – 20 in Spanish.  Trace/Write 1 – 12.  Skip counting by tens.


Seasons and Weather. Migration and water cycle.

Social Studies:

Birthday and phone number.


Jesus’ Happy Family

Jesus Pleases God

God’s House

What Should I Do In God’s House?

A Friend Who Was Sick

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