***Back to School in August***

Welcome to Ms. Jessica’s E4 class!

I am very excited to meet each new family this year. We are going to be doing a lot of fun things in my class this year. We will be learning not only our academic lessons, but also lessons in kindness, friendship, and of course fun! These first few years of school are so important for your student not only to learn (they soak up so much knowledge), but to also learn the most important lesson and that is to enjoy school. A love of learning will last a lifetime if developed at an early age. I hope to bring joy to each day so that they will love learning and therefore learn so much more.

Important dates:

Aug. 2- No School, Staff In-Service

Aug. 5-9- Placement testing (making sure each child is placed in the class that will help them learn and grow at the right pace)

Aug. 16- Parents Night 6-7pm (if your child is placed in my class, please come to learn more about my classroom and what to expect)

Show and Tell:


Aug. 9- A Picture of the Student

Aug. 16- A Favorite Stuffed Animal

Aug. 23- A Family Picture

Aug. 30- FREE CHOICE (no weapons)


August is ALL ABOUT ME month! We are going to be talking all about your student this month. We will discuss their favorite things, their family, their body, hygiene, etc. This month is all about learning about each other, learning to get along, and forming friendships that will last all year long.

Language Arts:

We are going to start off the school year with a lot of review. Please remember that some students have lost some information over the summer that they learned previously. The first month of school is all about finding out what your student already knows and what we still need to work on. Not every student comes into class at exactly the same level, so review is necessary to try to get everyone a little closer to the same starting point. We will be doing the Learning Without Tears program that our school is receiving a grant for. This is my first year doing this program and I am very excited to get started with it. I am still going to be using a lot of the “tried and true” methods I have learned through the years, but this new curriculum will hopefully fill in some of the learning gaps and help create a fun learning environment.


Much like language arts, we will start the year off with a lot of review. We will start of with basic math skills, like counting and recognizing our numbers, but will quickly be moving into more difficult concepts, such as addition and subtraction. The students will be playing a lot of math games this year to help with learning the different math concepts.

Please remember that although the school year has begun we will still be playing outside during the day. Please continue applying sunscreen in the mornings and I will reapply after nap for the afternoon. Thank you.

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About Ms. Jessica

My name is Jessica Wilson. I have been working here at Kennedy Academy since 2006. I am the kindergarten teacher in the E4 classroom. I have my bachelors degree in elementary education from Emporia State University. I also have three children of my own. I enjoy teaching and find joy in seeing children grow and learn to their fullest potential.