***September News***

Important Dates:

September 2- NO SCHOOL, Labor Day

September 25- Picture Day

Show and Tell:

September 6- A picture of Grandma or Grandpa (or both)

September 13- An Insect

September 20- a Mystery Item (a paper bag will go home Thursday, please put 3 clues on the bag and the students will try to guess the mystery item).

September 27- FREE CHOICE


This month the theme is Creepy Crawlies. This means we are going to be learning about insects, arachnids, scorpions, slugs, and all things that fit into the “creepy crawly” category. The students will be learning how to tell the difference between insects and spiders. The class will also be learning how to appreciate all living creatures, not just the cute and cuddly ones. Bugs serve an important role in our environment and the class will learn about what they do to help our planet. They will learn about the food chain and where bugs fit in.

Language Arts:

Now that we have started getting into a routine, we can really dive into our studies. The students will be working on their writing skills and reading skills daily. We are starting up sight words in September. So, be prepared for them to have a list of words each week that they are learning. Sight words are words that they can read quickly without having to sound it out. Please help them practice those words each week so that they can feel confident in their reading.


We are off to a good start in math. The students are learning basic skills early in the year, such as number recognition and counting skills. But we will start introducing more adding and number work as the year goes on. To help at home, please work on recognizing at least all of the numbers from 0-20. The more numbers they recognize the easier it will be to write them and work with them in the class.

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