***October News***

Important Dates:

October 11- NO SCHOOL, Parent/Teacher Conferences

October 31- Halloween Celebration

Show and Tell:

October 4- something to HEAR

October 11- NO SCHOOL

October 18- something to SMELL

October 25- FREE CHOICE


This month the theme is five senses. We are going to be learning about the five senses. We will focus on one sense each week. We will be doing different activities to learn about the sense and how it works.

Language Arts:

This month we begin doing spelling tests. I will be sending the list of words home the Friday before. Please practice the words with your child so that they can have success during their spelling test. The words will start off simple and get harder as the year goes on. A great time to practice is in the car on the way to and from school or other places. Simply ask them to spell the words for you as you are driving. If they have trouble, sound the word out slowly and let them tell you each letter as you say each sound. Keep practicing the sight words and reading at home as well.


We are going to be continuing to work on our math skills. We are going to be learning more about money values and also skip counting. The class goal is for everyone to be able identify the penny and nickel and to count by 10s by the end of October. These are skills you can try at home as well. If your child has mastered them, start talking about the other coins and counting by 5s.

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