***December News***

Important Dates:

December 6- Christmas Program

December 18- BOOMER visits

December 20- Class Christmas Party

December 23-27- NO SCHOOL, Christmas Break

Student of the Month:

Ananya C.

Show and Tell Schedule:

December 6- A dinosaur

December 13- something Christmas

December 20- FREE CHOICE

December 27- NO SCHOOL

Language Arts:

Please continue studying your spelling words at home. This month I am introducing the “wh”, “th” and “ch” sounds, as well as the soft c sound. These typically cause a little more confusion during test times, so please review these sounds with your child.

December 2-6: den, glen, hen, men, open, pen, ten, then, when, brown

December 9-13: bent, cent, dent, tent, rent, sent, lent, vent, went, white

December 16-20: best, chest, jest, nest, pest, rest, test, vest, zest, one

December 30-January 3- NO SPELLING


We are working on money and values. This is something that a lot of students are struggling with. A great tip for helping your child with coin names and values is to pull your lose change out of your pocket and tell your child if they can tell you the name of the coin and how much it is that they can have it. Children really enjoy getting coins to save (or spend). If you want you can start with just coin names. When they know those add the values. If they learn all the coins and the values you can challenge them to add up all the coins to find the total. This process may take awhile, but the student will be motivated to learn them if they get to keep the money.


December’s theme is dinosaurs. This is one of the class favorites. The students will learn names of dinosaurs. They will also be learning about carnivores and herbivores. This is a fun theme. We get to make a volcano explode and dig up fossils. We will be learning key words, such as: fossil, extinct, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, and volcano.

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