***January News***

Important Dates:

January 1- NO SCHOOL, Happy New Year!

January 20- MLK,Jr. Day

January 29- Kansas’ Birthday, BOOMER visits

Student of the Month:

Josna N.

Show and Tell Schedule:

January 3- A game to play in class

January 10- a map (can be hand drawn)

January 17- a ROCK to paint in class

January 24- something KANSAS

January 31- FREE CHOICE

Language Arts:

Each week we rewrite a familiar song. The class enjoys rewriting these songs with their own ideas. Each student gets to add a verse to our “new” song. These are made into a book that the students can illustrate themselves and read in the reading area. They really enjoying singing the new song all week.

Spelling Words-

January 6-10: bit, fit, hit, it, kit, lit, pit, sit, wit, two

January 13-17: chip, dip, drip, hip, lip, rip, sip, tip, zip, three

January 20-24: bin, chin, din, fin, in, kin, pin, tin, win, four

January 27-31: blog, bog, clog, cog, dog, fog, frog, jog, log, five


We are continuing to learn new math skills as well as reviewing skills that have already been introduced. We are working on adding and subtracting to 10.

A fun game that you can play at home to help your child with adding and subtracting skills is called PENNY PLATE. This is a two player game. You will need 10 pennies and a plate (paper plate works well). One partner will take the ten pennies and hide some of them under the plate and put the remaining pennies on top of the plate. The other person has to count the visible coins and then try to determine how many pennies are hiding under the plate. The idea is that you KNOW there are 10 pennies total. You can subtract the number on top the plate from 10 to figure out how many pennies are underneath. This game really helps with addition and subtraction, as well as money values. You can discuss the penny value and even trade the pennies for a different coin and discuss it’s value.


This months theme is Geography. We will be learning about maps and how to read them. We will also be learning our addresses and phone numbers this month. We will also be studying the planets and solar system this month.

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