***March News***

Important Dates:

March 6- NO SCHOOL, Parent Teacher Conferences

March 9-10- NO SCHOOL, Spring Break

March 17- St. Patrick’s Day

March 25- BOOMER visits

Student of the Month:

Saishri V.

Show and Tell Schedule:

March 6- NO SCHOOL

March 13- something you would need in summer

March 20- something you would need in the winter


Language Arts:

This month we are introducing long vowels. This makes spelling and reading a little more difficult. The students have to learn to pay attention to the words they are reading and look at the different reading cues to know whether the word has a short or long vowel sound.

Spelling Words:

March 2-6: bake, cake, fake, lake, rake, sake, take, wake, make, ten

March 9-13: NO SPELLING

March 16-20: ash, bash, cash, crash, dash, lash, mash, sash, trash, the

March 23-27: afar, bar, car, far, par, scar, spar, star, tar, see

March 30-April 3: blame, came, fame, flame, game, name, same, tame, lame, he


We are going to be learning about 3D shapes this month, such as sphere, cube, cone, etc. We are also going to be learning about fractions.

This months game: ROLL AND TOTAL. This is a game for two players. One player rolls two dice and totals the number of dots. Then the other person rolls two dice and totals their dots. The person with the higher roll gets a tally. The first person to get 10 tally marks is the winner.


This months theme is weather. We will be learning about different types of weather and the seasons. We will be exploring natural disasters and learning about weather safety.

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