About me

Hello, my name is Laura Burns. I am the Lead E3 teacher. I started in the P1 classroom in 2016 but I have about 10-12 years experience working with kids from 1 to 12. I have a lot of exciting and fun activities planned and can't wait to see your child grow.

Back to school!

Welcome to E3! I am so excited to start the school year. I have a lot of fun activities planned. We will do a lot of hands on work along with art. Please note, we will get messy. At the beginning of the year we will do quite a bit of review and learning the rules of the classroom.

Important dates:
~August 2
nd: NO SCHOOL – Staff In-Service
~August 5th – 9th: Placement Testing 
~August 16
th: Parent’s Night 6:00 – 7:00 p

Our theme for the month is All About Me! We will learn about everyone’s favorites, their families, the human body and hygiene. This will be a great time to learn about each other and creating bonds in the class.

Language Arts: We will begin the year with reviewing letters and sound and move to a focus letter each week. We will talk about words that start with that letter and the sound of the letter. We will have one worksheet a day along with center time to reinforce learning.

Math: Just like with language arts, we will begin the year with reviewing number recognition and writing. I find that hands on activities help with reinforcing recognition, counting, number order and counting on.

Please note, we do show and tell Friday mornings with free choice. Please do not send any weapons.

July news

Important dates: July 1st-5th NO SCHOOL

Happy Summer! This summer will be packed with fun activities. We will have splash days on Mondays and Fridays. Please make sure you label your child’s swim stuff. Swim shoes are also a good idea as we will be doing this on the playground. We will also have our weekly themes continue into the summer. These include camping, ice cream, and picnics/food. We will review concepts we have learned throughout the school year to go along with the themes.

Jumping into June

Important Dates:

June 3-7- Testing Week

Monday- Crazy Hair Day

Tuesday- Sports Team Day

Wednesday- Luau Day

Thursday- Red, White, Blue Day

Friday- PJ Day

June 21- NO SCHOOL- All School Picnic and Graduation

June 26- Boomer Visits

Show and Tell:

June 7- Free Choice

June 14- A Picture of Dad

June 21- NO SCHOOL

June 28- Free Choice

It’s hard to believe the school year is almost over! We will be wrapping things up this month with both Language Arts and Math.

Our themes for the month are all about Father’s Day and graduation. We will talk about how important dads are and how we love them. We will also be working hard on gifts for them. We will also be practicing for graduation.

Don’t forget, the weather is getting warmer. Water bottles are a good idea for the playground and we have a refrigerator in the room to keep them cold.


Important Dates:

May 2- Adventuremobile

May 12- Mothers Day

May 21- Boomer Visits

May 27- NO SCHOOL/Memorial Day

Student of the Month: Addison

Show n tell : My show n tell is free choice,


Insects, Mother’s Day, Ocean, 4 Elements, Nursery Rhymes

Language Arts: This month we will work on ch, sh, wh, blends. We will also work on our color and number words along with some simple sight words. Everyone enjoys the hands on activities so we will do quite a bit theme related floor work during group time.

Math: We will continue working on simple addition using manipulatives. By the middle of the month we will start doing subtraction as well.

April Showers


April 9: Spring Pictures/Graduation Pictures (BOTH BUILDINGS)
April 19: St. Jude Trike-a-thon
April 22: No School (Teacher In-Service)
April 22: New Student Enrollment 6:00 – 7:00 pm



  • 4/1 – 4/5: Weather/Seasons
  • 4/8 – 4/12: Plants
  • 4/15 – 4/19: St. Jude Trike-a-thon/Easter
  • 4/22 – 4/26: Earth

Language Arts: This month we will begin blending letter sounds and putting them together to form words. We will also work on rhyming words and handwriting along with writing our first and last names.

Math: We are continuing on writing our numbers to 100 and counting by 5’s and 2’s. We will also begin simple math using objects to figure out the sum.

Science and Social Studies: We will be doing a lot of science activities this month. It starts with Seasons where we will make season sensory bottles and bins. Then we will move on to plants. This will be a messy week. We will be planting flower seeds and learning about what they need. Also this month we will learn all about the Earth and recycling. To end our month, we are doing a week all about insects.

Fall in love with February

Important Dates:

February 14Valentine Class Party

February 18No School (Teacher In-Service)

February 25 March 1: Dr. Seuss Week



You may have noticed that your child isn’t bringing as many worksheets home lately. We are instead doing a lot more hands on floor and group activities. This is a visual group so we are focusing on more games, as they like to call them. Everyone seems to really enjoy them and gets excited when I introduce different ones. My next goal is to find more age appropriate Science experiments.

Language Arts: We will continue doing our letter of the week worksheets and tracing folders. For reinforcement, we will continue group time with our games and activities. These include ABC order, upper and lower matching, beginning sounds, and various others.

Math: We have mastered counting by 10’s and now working on counting by 5’s. We are also focusing on patterns, playdough numbers, sorting and counting out objects such as manipulatives.

Don’t forget to have your child’s Valentine box here by the 11th. I made a sign up post on the E3 Facebook group page. Please do not feel obligated to sign up.

Happy January!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone survived the holidays and is ready to get back into the swing of things.

Important Dates:

January 1- NO SCHOOL, Happy New Year

Show and Tell:

Jan. 4– Free Choice

Jan. 11– A fairy tale

Jan. 18- Free Choice

Jan. 25- Something to represent Kansas

Student of the Month- Emma


1/2-1/4: Happy New Year!

1/7-1/11: Fairy Tales

1/14-1/18: Black History Month

1/21-1/25: Kansas

1/28-12/1: Kansas

Language Arts: The beginning of the month we will get back into the swing of things starting with our Morning Workbooks. We will also continue working on our letter recognition and sounds and doing group activities for reinforcement. They love doing them and don’t even realize how much they’re learning from them.

Math: This month we will work more on sequencing, patterns, and writing our numbers. We will also work on skip counting with 5’s and maybe by 2’s if they master the 5’s.

Social Studies: We will begin our month discussing fairy tales. We are going to try our hands at “writing” and illustrating our own. The next week is all about Black History where we will learn about the importance of Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, and many others important to our history. We end January with two weeks of Kansas. We will learn all about the state including the state reptile, tree, insect etc.


December 7: Christmas Program
December 10-14: 2nd Quarter Testing
~Monday: Neon Day
~Tuesday: Christmas Sweater Day
~Wednesday: Christmas Character Day (Santa, Elf, Reindeer, Snowman, etc)
~Thursday: Camo Day
~Friday: Pajama Day
December 21: Christmas Party/Book Exchange – please send a gender-neutral new, wrapped book that costs no more than $5.00 with them to school by Monday, December 17th
December 24-January 1: No School (Christmas Vacation)

Student of the Month: Scarlett

We have a busy month ahead of us. We will start out learning about dinosaurs then spend the next two weeks on Christmas. We are packing a lot in into three weeks. 

Language Arts: We are still working our way through our letters and sounds. This month will be G, C, L, and E. Every morning we will continue to work on writing and recognition and L.A. activities. 

Math: This month we will work on counting by 10’s and 5’s and our number of the day workbooks. I am also incorporating theme and seasonal math activities. Everyone seemed to really enjoy them last month. 

I am continuing to build up our sensory tubs. If you have any buttons, ribbon, bows, etc we will take them. It helps so much with fine motor skills and building their hand strength for writing and cutting. 

Happy November!

Important Dates:
November 21– Pizza Party
November 22-23- NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Break:

Student of the month: Scarlett


Language Arts: We are continuing using Animated Alphabet. We will start our month with the letter F, move on to B, G, and C. We work on words that start with our focus letter every day so don’t be surprised if they do it at home too. I am also incorporating seasonal/holiday activities and worksheets into our daily routine. Everyone enjoys the more hands on activities and the sensory buckets so those will become a part of our weekly routine as well. 

Math: We are now into the 20’s. Every day we will do an activity with counting, graphing, our practicing writing. I  think we are progressing well and will work on counting objects and number recognition throughout the month. 

This is a fun month for us. We will talk about our families and how different families are and how we celebrate Thanksgiving with them. We will end the month discussing dinosaurs which may be one of my favorite themes of the year. Be prepared for your children to come home with a lot of random facts. 

Most of all, we are going to keep having fun and learning! 

Important Dates:

October 4- Adventuremobile 2:45-3:15pm

October 8-11- Testing Week

Monday- Inside-out Day

Tuesday- Dress Like and Animal Day

Wednesday- Crazy Sock Day

Thursday- PJ Day

October 12- NO SCHOOL (P/T Conferences)

October 18- Adventuremobile 2:45-3:15pm

October 31- Halloween, Parade and Class Parties 3:00pm

Student of the Month- Amiyah

Show and Tell:

October 5- something related to community helpers

October 12- NO SCHOOL

October 19- a type of transportation

October 26- something scary

Language Arts: We will continue to work through our Alphabet with our Animated Alphabet curriculum and work on handwriting. I have a lot of activities for this month working on fine motor skills to work little fingers too. I will start sending home tracing pages to work on as well. Please send the green folders back to school so I can refill the pages with the letters we will work on for this month. 

Math: This month will be focusing on the teens. We will learn how to identify and write them. We will use a lot of manipulives to start counting objects with a fall and Halloween theme. Every day we will do a worksheet, a game and an activity to enforce learning. My goal is to have fun while learning. 

Social Studies: Our month starts our with Community Helpers. We will learn about different jobs and how they affect our community. The class will discuss what they want to be when they grow up. We will move onto Transportation the next week. We will talk about different kinds of transportation and how people use them. Our month ends with Cultural Diversity. Our class will learn about different cultures and acceptance. 

Parents: Will be using candy corn for manipulatives and other projects. We would appreciate it if you can bring in a bag to help us learn.