***Amazing August News***

August is a great month!!!! We get to start all over fresh and new with a new class, new friends, and new things to learn!  This is the time of the year where we move from days of play in the sun to spending more time inside.

 We are going to ease into school again though.  So, we will continue with splash days for a couple weeks.  We will be doing other things inside to prepare us for school, but since the weather is still so hot, we will still be spending some of our time outside. 

Student of the Month: Caitlin Schone 

Important dates:

We will have splash days on July 30, Aug. 1, Aug. 6, Aug. 8, Aug. 13, and Aug 15.

August 20-24: Testing Week (We will be doing placement testing this week to make sure all the kids are placed in the class that will benefit them most.)

***During testing week, we will be having spirit days.  These are days that your children dress up to show their school spirit and unite with everyone. 

Monday, Aug. 20- Blue Day (Dress in BLUE, the more blue the better!)

Tuesday, Aug. 21- Hat Day (Wear a favorite hat or a funky hat.)

Wednesday, Aug. 22- Favorite Team Day (Support your favorite team.  If you don’t have a team shirt, wear the colors of your team.)

Thursday, Aug. 23- Beach Day (Dress as you would if you were going to the beach.  Bring beach toys.  We will be doing some fun water activities that day and drying in the sun.)

Friday, Aug. 24- Pajama Day (Wear some comfy pjs and bring your favorite stuffed animal to sleep with.  We will be having popcorn and watching a movie to celebrate the end of testing week and the start of our new school year!)


Show and Tell:  Starting in August our show and tell will be themed.  It is important to check the schedule to see what your child needs to bring for the day.  If your child brings a show and tell that isn’t theme related, they will not be allowed to show it.  There will be days throughout the year where they can bring whatever they want.  Those days are labeled FREE CHOICE. 

August’s show and tell theme goes with our science theme: the Five Senses.

Aug. 3- Something you can touch

Aug. 10- Something you can see

Aug. 17- Something you can hear

Aug. 24- Something you can smell

Aug. 31- Something you can taste (we will be doing this show and tell during snack time)


Language Arts:  This month we are going to be spending most of our language arts time reviewing what the kids already know.  We will be doing a lot of letter and sound recognition.  This is where a lot of our base learning begins for the year.  This will continue through the entire month and into September.  These months help create the foundation for learning to read. 


Math:  We will be doing some basic math concepts during the first few weeks of August, such as learning to count to 100, counting by 10s and 5s, and number recognition.  By the end of the month we will be jumping right into our curriculum for the year.  We will start with the number one and keep adding skills and concepts throughout the year. 


Science:  We are going to be learning about our five senses this month.  Each week we will be going over another sense.  We will be playing games and doing activities that teach about each of our senses.    We are also going to be learning about the ocean this month and making an ocean mural for the hallway.


Social Studies:  This month is probably the most important month of school for learning about the school and classroom rules.  This is when they learn what is and is not acceptable behavior for the school and the classroom.  We will be talking about school rules and the consequences for not following them. 

*For all parents not familiar with my classes discipline policy:

I am not a super strict teacher.  I like to have fun and be silly, but I also know that there is a time and place for that to happen.  My class is, for a lot of students, the last stop before public school.  It is important that they have a basis for what to expect when they more on to the upper grades.  Because of this, we do have times of the day where they are expected to be quiet and work independently.  I try to start the year of fairly strict so that they can get used to my expectations.  Because of that, they may seem to get in trouble a little more during the first few months, but that shouldn’t last, once they get into a routine.

 My policy works like this:

First offense- oral warning

Second offense- get a green stick and spend 3 minutes on the fence at recess (they can still earn a treat for the day)

Third offense- get a yellow stick and spend 6 minutes on the fence at recess (they can NOT earn a treat)

Fourth offense- get a red stick and spend 10 minutes on the fence at recess and they lose a gumball

*The only time this policy changes if if the offense is dangerous for physical (such as running off or hurting someone on purpose.)  If one of those things happens, its an automatic gumball loss.  I have zero tolerance for violence.

*If they lose a gumball it will be recorded on their gumball calendar on the back of their student folder.  It is important to check it daily to be sure your child is behaving at school.  Children do better at school when they know that their parents will address the issues at home if they are not.  Once a gumball is lost the system starts over again.  So, if more than one gumball is recorded you know that they were breaking the rules at a minimum of four times per gumball.  Rarely do kids in my class lose more than one gumball in a day.

*I also try to encourage them to behave with a reward system.  If they do not get any sticks for the day they get a sticker on their chart and once the chart is full they get to pick a prize from the prize box.  The kids, I have found, work really hard to try to get a prize. 


I am really excited about this new school year.  It seems like I have a great bunch of kids!  I can’t wait to see their growth and progress through the year.

July News

Important Dates:  July 2-July 6- NO SCHOOL, Summer Vacation

ThemesSummer and Ocean Life

This month we will be doing a lot of fun activities.  Here is our schedule for the summer:

Monday:  Splash Day (Water Play)**

Tuesday:  Arts and Crafts Day

Wednesday:  Splash Day (Water Play)**

Thursday:  Cooking Day

Friday:  Free Choice Day


**Your child will need a swim suit and towel for these days.  Please bring the suit and towel on Monday and take them home on Friday to wash.

Please make sure to dress your children appropriately for getting dirty.  Between the dirty playground, arts/crafts, and cooking, the kids may get dirty every day.

June News

Important Dates:                   June 11-15- Testing Week

June 22- NO SCHOOL

June 22- All School Picnic at Shawnee Lake

June 22- Graduation at the VA Theater

July 2-July 6- No School, Vacation

Student of the Month:  Deaven Larkin


Things to Remember:  June 25 marks the start of Splash DaysWe will be having Splash Days every Monday and Wednesday until August 13, when school officially begins again.  Your child will need to bring a swim suit and towel to school on Monday and they can take them home on Friday to be washed.  We will be playing in a sprinkler and getting wet on those days.  Also, if you would like sunscreen put on your child I will need to have a signed permission slip to be able to do that.  Thanks.


Show and Tell:       June 1- Free Choice

  June 8- Something from the beach

June 15- Free Choice

June 22- No School

  June 29- An Ocean Creature


Language Arts:  This month will be a month of review and test prep to make sure the kids are prepared for their testing.  There will be no more spelling tests in June. 

Math:  We will also be reviewing in math.  We will be doing subtraction, telling time, and working with money.  We will be getting ready for testing in math too.

Science:  We are going to be learning about ocean animals and sea life this month.  We will be doing a lot of activities with water as well.

Social Studies:  This month we are talking about Dads.  We will be discussing our dads and why we love them.  We will also be making gifts for fathers day.

May News

Important DatesMay 28- Memorial Day, No School


Student of the Month-  Kaliya Fulton


Show and TellMay 4- something “winter”

                           May 11- something “spring”

                           May 18- something “summer”

                           May 25-  something “fall”

                           June1-  free choice


Language Arts:  This month we are going to be learning the long vowel “a” sound, the long vowel “I” sound, the long vowel “o” sound, the long vowel “u” sound, and the soft “g” sound.  We are wrapping up the year with a lot of review as well.


Math:  We are continuing with our curriculum.  We will be learning how to subtract this month.  This will be one of the main focuses for the month.  We will also be working on time and money. 


Science:  We are going to be learning about the seasons this month.  We will be learning about why the seasons change and what causes them to do so.  We are also going to be looking at how the weather changes through the year.  We will also be learning about natural disasters and extreme weather. 


Social Studies:  We are going to be talking about our moms this month in preparation for mother’s day.  This month we will be talking about all the things that we love about our moms.

April News


Important Dates:            April 6- TRIKE A THON/Easter Celebration

April 23- NO SCHOOL


Student of the Month:                  Roshawn Mosley


Themes For April:  Plants/Transportation/Communication


Show and Tell:  April 6- NO Show and Tell

April 13- A plant/flower/or something related to planting

April 20- Something used for transportation

April 27- Something used for communication


Language Arts:  This month we will be doing a lot of writing.  We are going to be learning about the process of writing and how to make our own books.  We will be continuing to read and we will be working on the “ow” sound, the I sound spelled with a y, and the long o sound. 


Math:  We are going to continue with our math curriculum as it gets a little more difficult.  The kids will be learning about two digit addition, as well as subtraction. 


Science:  This month we are going to be learning about planting.  Each child will get to plant flowers and watch them grow.  They will also be keeping a journal of what happens as their flower grows. 


Social Studies:  We will be learning about different types of transportation.  They will learn the fastest way to get from place to place.  They will also be learning about communication and how people talk with each other.  We will be focusing greatly on address and phone number this month. 


Important Dates:             March 12-15- TESTING

March 16- NO SCHOOL, Parent/Teacher Conferences

March 19-  NO SCHOOL, Spring Break

March 20-  NO SCHOOL, Spring Break

 Student of the Month:  Sabine Khan

Show and Tell:      March 2- Something that belongs to a community helper or is 

                                 related to one. (i.e.  a firetruck, police car, hard hat, etc.)

March 9- A ball (any type will do)


March 23 Free Choice

March 30- Dress like what you want to be when you grow up.


Language Arts:  This month we are going to be working on the y the makes the long e sound, in words like jelly.  We are going to be learning the long I sound, in words like bike.  We are also going to be learning the soft c sound, used in words like nice. 


Math:  We are going to be continuing doing fast math.  The kids are getting much faster at doing their math problems.  We have also started the first grade portion of our math curriculum, where the kids will be starting to do some review and then they will be moving into doing a little more difficult work. 


Science:  This month we are going to be learning about the solar system.  The kids will be learning about the planets and other parts of the solar system.  This is always a fun theme for the kids to learn about.  We will be doing several activities and songs to help them learn about their world and the other planets.


Social Studies:  This month is community helper month.  We are going to be spending the month learning about the people that help out in the community, including firemen, police, construction workers, and bakers.  We are going to try to get some actual community helpers to come and speak to the class.   If any parents have a job that they would like to come talk to the class about, please let me know and we can set up a time for you to come in.  This is your chance to come share what you do with the class. 

E4 – Ms. Jessica – February 2012

February News

Upcoming Dates: February 14- Valentines Day Party 3:00 pm   (Please bring a card for everyone in the class.)

Girls- Ameera, Angel, Kaliya, Aaliyah, Nevaeh, Sabine, Kaitlyn, Alysha

Boys- Jahmari, Deaven, Roshawn, Tristan

Show and Tell: Feb. 3- A machine or something with wheels.

Feb. 17- Something you love

Language Arts- This month we are going to be learning about double letters in words; the long o sound spelled “ow” and “oa”; the long e sound spelled “e”, “ee” and “ea”; and the long a sound spelled “a_e”.  We will continue with spelling and daily work to develop their reading and writing skills.

Math- This month we are going to be getting quicker at addition. The kids are going to be doing a lot of focusing on addition. They will also be learning about telling time and money. They will be getting better at number recognition and how the numbers work together.

Science- This month we are going to be learning about magnets and machines. We are going to be learning about the way things work. The kids will be learning about the different parts of a machine, including gears, pullys, levers, and inclined planes. They will be doing hands on activities to help them make machines move.

Social Studies- We are going to be learning about maps this month. We will be looking at maps of our classroom, city, and state. They will also be looking at maps of our country and world. We will be finding ourselves on the map. They will be playing games and doing activities to help them learn how to read a map and follow directions.

Hello world!




The Kennedy Academy PTO is working on some ideas for school improvement. One idea that was generated was to have a parent forum linked to the website. The parent forum is a way for parents to communicate about a variety of topics. This forum is set up in the form of a word press blog.  It is still in a trial and error stage, but I think it is an excellent idea.  To access the parent forum, please click on the link below!



  • November 24 & 25 – No School – Thanksgiving Holiday
  • December 9 – Santa visits Kennedy Academy
  • December 13 – Christmas Concert @ 6:30 pm (call office for details)
  • December 23 – Class Christmas Parties (talk to teachers for details)
  • December 26 – January 2 – Kennedy Academy closed for holidays- class will resume on Tuesday, January 3rd.

As we are approaching the winter months, please remember that Kennedy Academy will close for inclement weather in conjunction with USD 450 and USD 437.  (Shawnee Heights and Auburn-Washburn)  I will call the school closing in, so you should also see the school’s name listed on the television and hear it on the radio.  If you are on the parent email list, I will email a school cancellation notice to you as well.  Kennedy Academy tries hard to keep our lot clear for you during the inclement weather.  Please understand that we do not have the permission to clear the city streets.  There is an alternate route posted at the school that will allow you to avoid the hill that is used by most families during your commute to the school.  If you would like directions to use the alternate route, please contact the school office!!


Below you will find a link to the new video that was made of our school!  We are very excited that it is finished.  Please take a chance to look at it and share it with family and friends.

Watch our video >